Located in a pasture on Shepard Road in Wildwood, Missouri, on private property
Burials indexed: 4
(1879–c. 1900)

Photo taken by Ruby Downs ©2023; used with permission.

Because this cemetery is on private property, we are not publishing its exact location. However, if you have an ancestor buried here and need to know more, please contact St. Louis Genealogical Society.

This small family cemetery is located on what used to be the family farm of Philip Hahn and his wife Ellen (Steffens) Hahn. Philip was born about 1828 in Hanover, Germany, and served in the American Civil War as a member of the Pacific Battalion in Company F, Missouri Home Guard. His tombstone had been broken into two pieces but was restored and set upright in 2023.

Source of Data for this Cemetery

Society volunteer Joyce Mercer and her friend Ruby Downs did the research and the field work for this cemetery.

Cemetery Specific Data Notes

The only stone visible in this cemetery is one for Philip Hahn. The other people in this list are very likely in the cemetery as they were Philip’s wife and one of his children. There is a fourth unidentified burial in the cemetery, but at this time, it is uncertain who that was.

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