StLGS German Special Interest Group (G-SIG)

Recorded G-SIG webinars are further down this page.

The St. Louis Genealogical Society German Special Interest Group focuses on teaching family history research, providing genealogy classes, and research opportunities. We welcome those interested in researching their German-speaking ancestors from the Second German Empire or earlier German states, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Switzerland, and any other German-speaking enclave. We host four German genealogy meetings annually. These are supplemented by several German-specific classes yearly as part of St. Louis Genealogical Society’s ongoing education program.

StLGS and the G-SIG also periodically sponsor a nationally-recognized German genealogist as speaker at the society’s bi-annual Speaker Series event. Both G-SIG and StLGS provide suggestions to St. Louis County Library for expansion of their large German genealogy collection. G-SIG is instrumental in StLGS’s efforts to collect, preserve, and publish genealogical and historical records.

For details or information about the German SIG, contact Carol Whitton, G-SIG coordinator, at

International German Genealogical Partnership, IGGP

The German SIG of St. Louis Genealogical Society is a member of the International German Genealogical Partnership (IGGP). Partner societies in IGGP include more than 100 individual German Genealogy Societies in the U.S., Germany, and several other countries. For more information on this organization, German Genealogical activities, and bi-annual U.S. German Genealogy Conferences visit

Names of Our German SIG Immigrants

To further connections between German SIG participants and relatives in the U.S. and Germany, we have encouraged participants to submit information about their German-speaking immigrant ancestors. On the Immigrant List page, you may find arrival dates, residences, and locations in Europe. Check out the page for specific information. click here.

German Research Websites

When you are ready to start researching your German ancestors, you will find many online resources. For an annotated list of some of the better websites, click here.

The Germans in St. Louis

German settlement in St. Louis began in the early 1800s and accelerated throughout the nineteenth century. For the past 150 years, Germans have played an enormous part in the history of St. Louis. For more information on their role in the St. Louis metropolitan area, click here.

Remaining German SIG Meeting for 2022


This meeting will be hybrid. You may attend in person at the Oak Bend branch of St. Louis County Library (842 S Holmes Ave, St. Louis, MO 63122) or via Zoom. Registration is NOT required to attend the in-person meeting, but you do have to register for the Zoom webinar. The meeting will be recorded and a link to the recording will be on on this page for ninety days afterwards.

All German SIG meetings are free and open to the public; however it is necessary to register, if you want to join the Zoom webinar. You do NOT need to register for the in-person meeting or to view the digital recording that will be posted on this page. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. (Central)


Wednesday, 21 September 2022

“Researching St. Louis Germans in the Civil War,” by Robin McDonough

Many German immigrants who came to St. Louis were involved in the Civil War. Explore their history and contributions and learn how to research them.


Instructions for Attending

All StLGS meetings are free and open to the public. Please follow the directions below for attending either in person or via Zoom.

    • For attending at the Oak Bend branch of St. Louis County Library (842 S Holmes Ave, St. Louis, MO 63122):
    • For attending via Zoom:
      • You will need a link and a passcode to join the meeting, so it is necessary to preregister.
      • Click on the Registration Button below and follow the simple instructions that appear on your screen.
      • Once you have filled in the registration form, an invitation with a link and a passcode to attend the meeting will be sent to the email you provided.


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If there is a handout for this meeting, it will be here.


Recorded SIG Meetings Available Online

World War I on the Home Front: The German American Experience

Dr. Dewitt outlined several organizations initiated during mobilization and explained their impact on the German American community. The war created anti-German sentiments in the U.S. resulting in harassment of some people of German heritage and the renaming of streets, but it did not end German culture in the state. Learn more about the relationship between individuals and local, state, and national institutions during the war.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Petra DeWitt

There was no handout for this meeting.

The recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Password for the recording is  4tb=B!Ec


Dodging Brick Walls

Most roadblocks we encounter are avoidable. Learn how to recognize and overcome the most common issues that can cause an impasse in German research.

Featured Speaker: Ute Brandenburg

The handout for this meeting is here.

The recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Password for the recording is  fsu*4I$Y


Using German Newspapers

You can find German newspapers; they are more available than you think. And, you can break through the language barrier too. Besides obituaries, learn what genealogical information you may find in German newspapers.

Featured Speaker: Carol Whitton, CG,(StLGS projects director and leader of the German SIG)

The handout for this meeting is here.

The recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Password for the recording is   @.6Jt56f


German Genealogy: What Do You Need to Know?

This was the first meeting of 2020, which was held virtually. If you missed it, the recorded webinar can be viewed here.

The handout for this meeting is here.

Ultimately, we seek the German village of origin in U.S. records, but other questions about our immigrant families need answering first. The answers to those questions will lead us toward our goal. By reviewing the basics, learning about Germany and its resources, and finding our U.S. records, we may be successful.

Featured Speaker: Carol Whitton, CG


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