The Lab

The Society’s office contains the Mary Berthold Computer Lab, so named because it was made possible by a generous donation from that Society member. The lab currently has thirteen (13) computers running a Windows operating system. They are all connected to our office servers and to the Internet. They are used by volunteers to enter the data that the Society provides on CDs and on this website. Visitors may also use them for personal research.


This lab also has a projector and is set up as a classroom facility, with an instructor’s computer and twelve (12) student PCs. This allows us to offer classes at the Society office. Classes regularly offered include using Heritage Quest, the Internet, specific genealogy database programs, and other software useful for your genealogy research.


In addition to web browsers and office software, each of our classroom computers is equipped with several of the more popular genealogical software programs. Patrons may “test drive” these programs at the office, to help in deciding which program they wish to use at home.


We also have volunteers knowledgeable using Apple Macintosh computers. Volunteers are always around to assist visitors using our computing facilities. Further, the office is equipped with wireless service, so you may access the Internet from your laptop. However, note that this service does not allow visitors to access Society servers.
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