St. Louis Genealogical Society (StLGS) sells books and CDs.

Map of St. Louis Cemeteries

Like many older cities, St. Louis has had dozens of cemeteries, many of which no longer are being used. The earliest of these were located in the City of St. Louis, and, over time, as the city grew to the north, west, and south, the cemeteries spread further outward. After many years of research, former StLGS president, Ann Fleming, CG, CGL, has created a beautiful poster-sized map of all currently identified St. Louis cemeteries and is offering copies for sale through StLGS. The map comes in black and white and contains a complete listing of all the cemeteries coded to their locations. A color version can be special ordered. For more information, click here. To order a map, click here.

CDs and Books

The Society offers a variety of books and CDs for sale, and among them are several unique maps of St. Louis, as well as the U.S. and Europe. We have copies of Pitzman’s 1878 Atlas of St. Louis in both book and CD format, the 1909 Plat Book of St. Lous County on CD, and St. Louis City Ward Maps from 1908–1952 on CD. For a thorough look at most of our products, you will want to pick up our current catalog or download a copy. You can also browse the books and CDs offered to see the most up-to-date offerings.

Lost & Found Photos

Periodically, the Society receives photos which have been orphaned. The photos are received from a variety of sources including the Lost and Found Department from events, members who have come across the photos in their research, and sometimes, even from out of state resources. Our Lost & Found Photos page shows how we are trying to help every picture displayed to find a home.
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