Every city or county consists of numerous ethnic groups, neighborhoods, organizations, research facilities, and schools. This portion of Research in St. Louis shares names, addresses, and resources of current and past facilities.

The St. Louis area has always been rich in diverse ethnic neighborhoods. Since its beginnings on the Mississippi River, St. Louis has been settled by Spanish, French, African-Americans, Native-Americans, German, Irish, and Italians in great waves. Additionally there are communities of Eastern Europeans and Scandinavians, as well as enclaves of people from other areas of the globe. Neighborhood histories are available for many areas in St. Louis City and County. Often these publications provide the names of early settlers, maps, and an overview of the area.

Early settlers, as well as current residents, were members of fraternal, genealogical, or historical societies. Records for some of these organizations are available. The more you know about the groups to which your ancestors might have belonged, the more you may find.

St. Louis Genealogical Society volunteers compiled this information and they will add new data on a regular basis. Please support these efforts with your membership and donations.
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