The Irish Special Interest Group (I-SIG) meets four times a year, but, at least for part of 2021, these meetings will be webinars. As soon as it is safe, we will resume meeting in the Auditorium at St. Louis County Library Headquarters located at 1640 South Lindbergh.

Click here for more information on Irish in St. Louis.

The city of St. Louis also provides some interesting information about Irish immigration to St. Louis. Click here to link to that page.

For details or questions about StLGS Irish-SIG, contact Kay Weber, I-SIG Leader at

Meetings for the StLGS Irish-SIG in 2021

Until further notice, meetings in 2021 are scheduled to be via Zoom and pre-registration is required. If you are already on the Irish SIG mailing list, you will receive an invitation automatically. If you have not attended an Irish SIG meeting before, please send an email to the SIG leaders at by the Friday before each meeting.

All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., Central time.

Tuesday, 26 January: “Irish Catholic Parish Registers,” featuring Robin McDonough

This meeting was recorded and if you scroll down the page you will find the links.

Tuesday, 27 April: “Exploring Griffith’s Primary Valuation of Ireland,” featuring Irish SIG Team Leaders

In the absence of so many census records, Griffith’s Valuation has become the gem for genealogists researching nineteenth-century Ireland.

Tuesday, 27 July: “Irish Heritage in St. Louis,” featuring Gabrielle Woeltje

The Irish have been immigrating to the U.S. for hundreds of years and almost every major city in the country has been influenced by their unique culture and traditions. Learn more about the enduring legacy of the Irish in St. Louis.

Tuesday, 26 October: “Let’s Chat,” featuring the Irish SIG team

Bring some of your research problems to our group. We will explore some methods and tips to help you. Definitely bring some success stories and tell us how you accomplished your research goals.

StLGS Irish-SIG Webinars

The Irish SIG meeting in January 2021 was a webinar and is now available for viewing.

“Irish Catholic Parish Registers,” featuring Robin McDonough

Research librarian, Robin McDonough, will help you learn facts about Irish Catholic parish registers, where to find them, and how to use them for genealogical research.

The handout for this meeting is here.

The recorded opening comments: Click Here           Password:     Q1#Vzu5k

The recorded presentation by Robin McDonough: Click Here              Password:  Q1#Vzu5k



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